My Story

My Story

Deborah has had a long passion with Holistic Nutrition. Diagnosed at age 9 with  cancer  and given only 4 months to live,  she was placed on a diet rich in raw fruit & vegetable juices and other natural healing foods.

In addition, she was placed in the care of a Doctor/Herbalist Medical Research team that had investigated a cure for cancer for 20 years prior.  Deborah was the second individual used as a test case for a promising new herbal formula by this team.

With the successful reversal of her illness within two years, her Doctor/Herbalist team appeared before a Congressional Hearing (The National Cancer Attack Act), citing among other successes, Deborah’s case.

Their goal was to make available to the public, the herbal formula given to Deborah and other test cases.  Unfortunately, they were never able to bring this life-saving formula to market. Her doctor later wrote the book, “A Diet for 100 Happy, Healthy Years”, by Morvyth McQueen-Williams. (Book still available on Amazon)

Over the years, she continued to learn about holistic health, herbs and nutrition.  She is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and has raised two sons.  She enjoys helping her husband harvest their own honey and produce maple syrup. Deborah is now a certified nutritional Health Coach conveniently located in Kent, CT.