Addictive Foods

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Can Foods Really Be Addictive?

Why do we crave certain foods? Dairy for instance, sugar and others?

A test was made with a 6 month old baby.  His pacifier was dipped into sugar water and he became very content, enjoying the sugary pacifier.  For this test an adult kept eye contact with him and then left the room for 20 minutes.  Upon return, the baby cooed and cajoled the adult and wouldn’t keep his eyes off her, trying to get more.  Why?  The taste of sugar triggers the release of opiates in the brain. Opiates, in turn, release dopamine – the pleasure chemical. One reason kids are so in love with sugary treats.

Does the mere thought of eliminating cheese from your diet for a while send you over the top? The dairy protein casein breaks apart in digestion and breaks apart in the form of opiates.  It give us that “feel good” feeling.  The part of the brain that responds to these foods, responds to intimacy.

Meat, Dairy, and Sugar are some of the addictive foods.  That’s why it’s hard to let go if you want to.

Ingesting these foods over and over can lead to health issues.  Health Coaching can help you easily transition from foods that create havoc to those who create wellness.

Call for a Free Initial Consultation and together we can put you on the path to feeling great in your body, having the energy you deserve,  and on your way to a healthy future.

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