Cancer Therapy – What about Vegetable Juices?

Diary at Age 12 - Two Years After Diagnosis
Diary at Age 12 – Two Years After Diagnosis

Cancer Therapy – What About Vegetable Juices?

As mentioned in My Story on this website, at age 10,  I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  At that time my mother decided to flood my system with fresh raw vegetable juices.  Why?  And is it beneficial for everyday use in individuals not fighting disease?

At that time, Mom decided, after consulting with Dr. Max Gerson of NYC, that she would put me on his Cancer Therapy.  Dr. Gerson specialized in therapies for chronic illnesses  and had written the book “A Cancer Therapy – Results of Fifty Cases and the Cure for Advanced Cancer.”  His daughter, Charlotte Gerson, carries on his work today –

Dr. Gerson had his cancer patients drink 8-10 oz of carrot/apple juice every two hours.  He believed that when people were ill, feeding them freshly made, uncooked food in the form of live, raw vegetable juices was the fastest way to help rejuvenate the body.

Drinking fresh raw vegetable juices puts little stress on the digestive tract, they are easily absorbed and nutrients go, within minutes, into the blood stream.  It takes hours to digest a cooked meal with small amounts of nutrients.  Cooking food also destroys 40-60% of amino acids, a large percentage of minerals and all the enzymes.  Also consider that the soil is usually deficient to begin with.

With juicing, many of these deficiencies are avoided and it can make a remarkable difference for people fighting disease.  The body is now getting an easy-to-digest liquid, packed with nutrients and enzymes.

So, we can see that fresh raw vegetable juices (organic if possible) can nourish us in a powerful way.

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