Food for Thought, Weight & Health

Food for Thought – Weight & Health

This Newsletter was inspired when I watch the HBO “Weight of the Nation.” If you haven’t watched at least the first 1 1/2 hrs (it’s longer – 6 hrs),you are missing an extremely powerful documentary.  I highly recommend it. (Can google it).

Food for Thought – Weight & Health

We all know that carrying excess body weight can lead to serious health problems.

Today 68% of Americans were overweight.  This means that there are only about a third of Americans who don’t have this challenge!  I did my own survey in a Department Store recently and looked down a few random isles……’s true 68%, actually my survey showed 80%.

Why are so many Americans overweight?  Since the 1980’s and the proliferation of fast food, increased packaged foods with hydrogenated fats, sugars, corn syrup and white flour, American’s weight has steadily increased.

It’s simple:  Increased Weight = Increased Diabetes = Increase Heart Disease. We cannot deny Cause & Effect.

Think about it….

*Would our Grandparents or Great Grandparents even recognize the “food” we are exposed to today?  Example:  Take a loaf of Wonder Bread (even the “whole wheat” type) and read the chemical soup it’s made from.  Now take the whole package and squeeze it – it will make a ball about the size of a baseball. We all did this as kids with one piece.  This is what individuals spend money on.

Another example:  Cocoa Puffs – the banner on the package says Now Helps to Support Your Child’s Immunity“.

*Have you ever read an Ingredient Label on a Stalk of Broccoli? or a Piece of Salmon?     *There are Sugar-free Diets, Low Carb Diets, Fat Free Diets, ever think of going on a Box-Free Diet?

The Good News:

The higher the quality of food, the better the transportation system of the food. Wow, our bodies know what to do with the good stuff!  In other words, it absorbs and finds its way to nourish every cell and system in our body.

Foods need to be eaten in their natural form.  For instance,  Brown Rice is in its natural state.  Wheat Flour has been milled.

If you would like to check your BMI (Body/Weight Mass Index) and see what category you fall in go to  It just takes a few seconds.

Learn how you can gradually integrate the right foods to keep your body at optimum health.

Call for a Free Health Consultation at 860-927-1800 or email Together we will discuss your Health Goals.  I’m ready to share my Health Training with you. So exciting – so much to learn.

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