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Well, here I am in the 21st Century, on Facebook and even more excited about Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching!

Well Here I Am
Well Here I Am

It started out with concerns about my husband’s health and whether he could continue to keep us keeping on. My question was, what can I get passionate about in regards to a new career?
With my history (see My Story in ABOUT), and my love of learning how Food Changes Everything, Nutritional Health Coaching was #1 on my list. Before I knew it I had enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Fast forward to today, I’m so proud of my clients to date. They have taken the ball and ran with it and now they feel better than ever and look great! I love to see their clear eyes and energetic smiles. Wow!

So welcome to my Facebook Page (never thought I say that!) and I look forward to sharing and hearing from you.

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