History of Sugar and Why Is It So Addictive?

Myron's Mule

History of Sugar and Why It’s So Addictive

Photo:  My Grandfather hitching his mule to a Sugar Cane Grinder.

My Grandfather ground sugar cane in Louisiana but sugar was first refined in India centuries before.   It then made it’s way to England and Europe.  At that time it was used only by the wealthy and ruling class.  Gradually it was produced in the Caribbean and was shipped all over the world.  It was still used sparingly in Colonial America and for desserts, as it was not easily available as today. It was viewed as very special so used at the end of the meal in a small amount.

Bringing us up to the early 20th century, sugar was used extensively in manufacturing cereals, cookies, cakes and candies.  Gradually America was letting go of it’s traditional foods and home cooked meals.  By the 1980’s frozen foods and fast foods were readily available and sugary treats within these categories.

As you may have heard, sugar is very addictive.  It has opiate qualities…our brain demands it for the good feeling we get from it.  But the more we eat,  the heavier we become. When the body is overloaded with sugar it doesn’t know where to put it and it goes to fat.  This leads to diabesity (obesity and later diabetes) and can lead to heart disease and fatty liver disease even in children.

To learn how to control your craving for sugar or your child’s,  contact me and I will be happy to start you out on the path to better health.

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