My Friend, the Dairy Farmer’s Daughter

dairy farm girl

My Friend, the Dairy Farmer’s Daughter

One of my friends from rural New York State used to work as a teenager at our Ice Cream Parlor in Kent, Connecticut.  Sarah was awesome, what a great employee and hard worker!

Last year she became one of my clients and complained of congestion,  stomach distress, and lack of energy.  She was integrating nutritious foods into her diet as I had taught her.  Then I brought up the idea of eliminating dairy for three weeks to see if she was food sensitive to it and it would help her congestion and stomach issues.

She laughed!  “Deborah, I could never do that!  I grew up on a Dairy Farm.  Why should dairy bother me?  It’s always been a big part of my diet”.  I dropped the subject at this point, but before I knew it she announced at our next session, she was “trying” it out.

So how did she do?  She said, “I’m a believer, I don’t get congestive headaches or bloating anymore.  I’ve tried to go back, but it doesn’t work”.  Sarah has lost 30 pounds and now has the energy to run 3-5 miles several times a week.

There are many reasons we can have sinus problems, stomach issues and allergic symptoms. Learn what foods you may be sensitive to and so much more.  Call or email for a One Hour Discussion of your Health Goals and concerns at no cost.  I’ll introduce you to my one-on-one nutrition course and you will learn how to integrate the best foods on the planet.


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