Deborah’s primary goal is always the client’s success and she does that by providing inspirational options which work well with my lifestyle. My energy is back,  I walk 4-5 miles a day and have lost 30 pounds.  Sarah C.

I recommend Deborah to anyone who wishes to take control of their health.  She made me feel enlightened and armed with health & wellness knowledge after just one session.  I feel her ideas are spot on and her recipes are amazing.  Morette O.

My name is Chuck and I just want to tell you a little about myself.  I am 73 yrs. old and I had aches and pains and was tired all the time.  Deborah helped me to integrate good nutrient rich foods in my diet.  In just 6 weeks I lost 28 lbs. and I could see my energy go way up.  I love the way I eat now.   I’m going to eat like this the rest of my life. Chuck G.

My experience with Deborah has been very encouraging.  Her depth of understanding and her ability to guide me through the mazes of conflicting information has been very insightful.  Her kind & gentle guidance has made it easy to stay on course.  Stan O.

I am so happy to have Deborah as my mentor. She not only is a happy, positive influence, she lives by example. She is knowledgeable and encouraging.  Pam S.

I am a size 4, walk about 5 miles a day and my husband cooks me minimalist meals with all natural ingredients.  So why did I go looking for a health coach?!?!  Simple.  I needed to learn a gentle and kind way to live and eat, and with Deborah I am doing just that.  From her loving preparation of dishes that she shares with me, field trips to the farmer’s market and her insightful way of helping me befriend the feeding and caring of myself, Deborah is not a typical health coach.  Smart, funny and intuitive, she shares her knowledge and love of how to live a strong and loving life.  Sharon N.